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Everything you need to complete your tiling project! Finding the right trowel for the job is quite simple when you know that, generally speaking, the trowel size should match up to the tile size – the smaller the tile, the smaller the trowel; the larger the tile, the larger the trowel. Floats are all about applying the messy business of grout, but is basically straightforward. Sponges, spacers and even pliers, we've got you covered when it comes to your tile project!






   Tile trim is a metal surrounding placed along the edges of a tiling project. It's designed to create a finished and clean look. Trim is used to complete a tiled design, like a backsplash, tile base boards or even counter tops.They are vital when tile is mixed with a different surface or size of tile. Trims may be curved on one side in order to nullify any sharp or protruding edges on corners or angles. You can use trim to separate an area from the tile you have laid to create a clean contrast. Trims are sold in a variety of solid colors, patterns and a different textures.                                      

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